Our Team

We have 2 surgeons, 8 audiologists, 1 social worker, 1 audiometric technician and 1 program assistant on the cochlear implant team.    Our audiologists are registered with the BC College of Speech and Hearing Health Professionals and each have their Advance Competency Certification in Cochlear Implant Management.  Our social worker is registered with the BC College of Social Workers.  Our surgeons are the only surgeons in the province who perform cochlear implant surgeries on adults.

The B.C. Adult Cochlear Implant Program at St. Paul's Hospital provides a full range of cochlear implant services for deaf and hard of hearing patients, including assessment, surgery and rehabilitation.  We are the sole provider of cochlear implant services for adults in British Columbia and Yukon. 

CI Audiologists

Natalie Tran, MSc, RAUD

Amy Chui, MSc, AuD, RAUD

Jowan Lee, MA, AuD, RAUD

Glynnis Tidball, MSc, RAUD

Myron Huen, MSc, RAUD

Yvette Reid, MSc, RAUD

Jolene Harrington, MSc, RAUD

Meredith Wilson, MSc, RAUD


Dr. Brian Westerberg, MD

Dr. Jane Lea, MD

Social Worker

Karen Fedirchuk, MSW, RSW

Audiometric Technician

Frederic Ramos

Program Assistant

Kayla Katzuk