Sound Processor Replacement Program

In 2014, The BC Adult Cochlear Implant Program began to offer subsidized replacements to aging sound processors through the Sound Processor Replacement Program.  This provincially funded program is available to those cochlear implant recipients whose sound processors have reached 6 to 7 years old.  

You will be contacted by the BC Adult Cochlear Implant Program when you are eligible to receive a replacement.
You will receive the most current sound processor that is compatible with your internal device.
You will be required to trade-in your current sound processor.  If you do not have a trade-in you will be required to pay the additional costs normally covered by the trade-in.
You will be responsible for paying a nominal copay ($700-$840) per ear towards the cost of your replacement sound processor. 
The Sound Processor Replacement Program will fund the remaining cost of replacing your sound processor.

Please Note:

There is limited funding for sound processor replacements available each year.  Recipients will be contacted about their eligibility when their sound processors have reached 6 or 7 years old.  Recipients who have the oldest sound processors or who are without sound will have first priority for replacements.   
The program only applies to the current sound processor you are using and does not apply to back up sound processors.
This program deals only with replacing sound processors.  It does not involve any surgery or change to the internal device.

Please contact us for more information.