New To BC

If you have recently moved to BC, you will need to enroll in BC’s provincial health plan, “Medical Services Plan (MSP)” immediately.  New (and returning) residents are required to complete a 3-month wait period consisting of the balance of the month in which residence in British Columbia starts, plus two months before benefits can begin. New residents from other parts of Canada will maintain coverage with their former provincial medical plan during the wait period. 

For more information on MSP and to enroll in MSP:

If you are planning a move to BC and already have a cochlear implant, you will need to contact your audiologist to have them transfer your cochlear implant chart and mapping file (.cdx, .mpd, .xml) to us.  When you arrive in BC, please contact our office at 604-806-9616 or email us at to make an appointment with an audiologist for the long-term care and management of your cochlear implant.