Transfer from BC Children's Hospital

Patients that transfer to the BC Adult Cochlear Implant Program from BC Children's Hospital (BCCH) can feel nervous about the change.  Our team will work with you to make this transition as smooth as possible.  When you are ready to transfer, your audiologist at BCCH will send your file to us after your last appointment.  Once we receive your file, you will receive a welcome letter, asking you to contact our clinic to book your first follow-up appointment with your new audiologist and social worker at St. Paul's Hospital.  

When you come for your first visit, we will give you a tour of our program, introduce you to our team, and help guide you through the differences you may encounter as a new patient of the BC Adult Cochlear program. 

Making the transition from childhood to adulthood can be challenging. Please look at our Emotional Support and Youth-Specific sections to learn more about what support is available for young adults.

Cochlear implant clinic contact information: 604-806-9616 or

Scotia Bank Youth Transition Program - Coming Soon!

The Scotiabank Youth Transition Program (SYTP) is being developed to provide a comprehensive model of care for youth patients to support them, their families, and caregivers, and to ensure they have the skills and confidence to take control of their health as they transition to adult care. Work is currently underway to develop the program, including resources to support all clinical areas at PHC that have youth transitioning from pediatric to adult care.

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