Third Party Payers

Veteran’s Affairs Canada: If you have hearing loss as the result of your service, you may be eligible for benefits.  For more information:

I.C.B.C: if your hearing loss is related to a car accident you were involved in:

WorkSafe BC: if your hearing loss is work-related:

First Nations Bands:  If you have First Nations Status, some Bands will assist with the costs associated with Cochlear Implant equipment, maintenance and medical travel.  Each Band has its own funding models and ability to provide assistance varies across Bands.  First Nations Health Authority does not cover any costs associated with cochlear implant.

Post-Secondary Institutions:  If you are a student at a post-secondary school, there are grants, loans, bursaries, and subsidies that you may be eligible for. Contact your school’s Disability Coordinator or other designated official to inquire about the Permanent Disabilities Program Application.  For more information visit:

Extended Health Benefits:  If your work provides you with Extended Health Benefits, or if you pay for them privately, contact your carrier to inquire if cochlear implant equipment is covered.

Persons With Disabilities (PWD) Benefits: If you have PWD benefits through the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction, your medical benefits will cover the equipment costs necessary to maintain your CI sound processor, as well as your medical transportation costs to attend appointments.