Hope Air

Hope Air accepts flight requests from Canadians of all ages and illness groups residing in Canada.  Hope Air is not an air ambulance. Rather, it provides flights on both commercial airlines and on private planes from rural/remote locations to “the big city” and also from major city to major city.

The following eligibility criteria will be considered by Hope Air when reviewing your flight request:

  • flying for an approved medical appointment (e.g. the cost of the needed medical treatment is being covered by your provincial health plan)
  • you are in financial need and unable to afford the costs of an airline ticket
  •  your doctor confirms you are medically fit to fly in an aircraft and that you have a confirmed medical appointment.

If you have a scheduled medical appointment, call the National Office at 1-877-346-HOPE (4673) or complete the Flight Request Form online.

For more information:  https://hopeair.ca/